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1117 South Tripp | Odessa, Texas 79763 | U.S.A.



Pressure Vessels, Piping, and Industrial Fabrication

PBP Fabrication can fabricate a wide variety of pressure vessels and piping.

PBP specializes in fabricating quality ASME pressure vessels, piping, heat exchangers and other gas processing equipment. We are domestically and internationally recognized as one of the leading oil and gas production equipment fabrication companies.

Pressure Vessels

PBP fabricates ASME Code Pressure vessels that can contain vapors, fluids, or gasses at levels above atmospheric pressure, from 15 psi to 1,440 psi. We offer “U” and “R” stamps and fabricate pressure vessels for upstream, midstream, downstream, onshore or offshore applications. Each vessel is custom-fabricated to our customer’s designs and specifications. 

We are well versed in stainless steel fabrication for those in need of a pressure vessel that offers good corrosion and chemical resistance and the ability to withstand humid conditions and high temperatures.

We excel in fabricating with carbon steel for those in need of a pressure vessel that offers outstanding tensile strength and can resist vibrations and shocks. (It is also readily recycled.)


Skids and Platforms

Our in-house fabrication department utilizes MIG, TIG and Sub-Arc welding to manufacture custom skids, platforms and ladders to your exact dimensions and specifications. We regularly fabricate support structures from many materials, including carbon steel and stainless steel.

Large and Specialty Fabrications

PBP’s Odessa, Texas facility offers 27,000 sq. ft. of fabrication space with the main bay 70 feet by 325 feet (22 X 100 meters) and a lifting capacity of 250 tons. We also maintain 20 acres of outdoor working and storage space for larger-scale projects. 

We have worked on several large or specialty fabrication projects ranging from compact high-pressure vessels with thicknesses up to 4″ to towers and columns over 250 feet (76 meters) long. Our extensive experience with large-scale projects such as CO2 vent stacks, and rocket test stand components has provided us with the ability to handle nearly any size, scale and complexity.

If you need help fabricating a pressure vessel, custom piping, platforms, or other industrial equipment, call PBP today at 432.381.5542.


Custom Fabricated Piping

In addition to our pressure vessel fabrication, we also offer quality fabricated piping constructed to your exact specifications. Typical applications include natural gas treatment, compressor stations, and measurement or regulation stations. Our skilled teams are ready to work with you to produce the custom-fabricated piping your project or application requires.